There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Sunday, December 13, 2009


in life..sometime we also make plan....arghhh what can i say here. ?where i should start?

anyways to make story short....

i'm gratefull what i hav now, but sometime we like to know other people just in case happen. but not more than as friend. when the relationship come at middle and suddenly its stop..really make me stress. because i know myself......i'm not asking money for love, i'm not asking for material for friendship,i'm honest, gave full of my heart.i only dont want do something i cant, because last time its was happen to me..n i will not do again.

finally...i decided to step behind at back because i dont want risk myself again. then i looked at back..i'm gratefull what i hav now.done . its enough. dont want try anymore. i'm not say i'm bad guy because just wanna know another person because what i hav now still no title. i dont know..... i only a guy waiting for any possibility. but one thing make me strong....i hav many people which is love me and support me from behind. thanks

so the best way.. just deleted, move on and many people waiting at in front for nice thing.i believe that. asking me to know more detail. love to share with someone.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ariff,

just a quick word to say hi and that we miss you very much. Infact lately I have been missing malaysia alot - especially the people and food! I went to Malaysian High Commission for driving licence exchange today and I thought of you.

I am off soon to work in Algeria - so TJ will be alone again and it makes me sad, but he will have Joshua and Luna and all the cats.

Keep your spirits high & take care of yourself my friend