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Monday, December 7, 2009

time b4 going to friend's wedding

yesterday morning, we just sleep for short time after because need to move early to melaka for friend's same time i got a called from our lecturer Madam Aniza , she and her family wanna join us later. so what to do, wake up early n my roommate , Ikhwan drive his car fast to hentian ayer keroh, melaka. then my lecturer said...she still not moving from her house. arghhh.. a bit mad because not take breakfast n worry she wait us at hentian ayer keroh... rest n relax at highway. so melaka also famous with i took curry noodles and my friend with nasi lemak. the food just average.

so at same time we wait another friend's car on the way to melaka..because our group to catch up our lecturer but cancel at the end.normally.. the trip to melaka took 2 hour...but ikhwan took 45 minute. hahha so fast.... hehe. so just spent time time taking photo around RnR.... later will put some hot n sexy photo. hahah.

my roomate ikhwan with his girlfriend...aness.

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