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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

take back the decision

last weekend, most the time i only spent time at home...... yeah nobody in kl..the road empty, my gym like i'm trap in my life and kl too. just at home, download movie and read some blog.

i found very good blog..normally i dont like spent my time to read all blog..but that blog really touching my heart..the bahasa word really the same time he put old photo about kl, when he study here. at same flat with my flat. the view from my flat, old photo..all history and memory for him. then i thought about myself...why i must block or close my blog? i'm sure after 10 years or 15 year...i'm sure all what i wrote here become something special..for myself even someone else later. i will put that link those malaysian and love to read nice blog, i suggest that blog. i wrote this article at office actually. will put that link when i'm back home.

i dont want story about that blog ...but i want all of u read it.pity the blog only in bahasa. so i take back my decision to close my blog. so i'm back!!!. so happy.last weekend ..just finished paint one room and this week will paint another room. MY room!!!... i bought new single bed with nice matress ...anyone wanna sponsor comforter or pillow? hahha out of budget love to write again.

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