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Sunday, December 20, 2009

symmetrical is boring

one of my friend told me yesterday, i must take photo from front side because all my photo from right n left side.its seems i try hide something from others. not actually. love to show i hav something from right or left side. so today i try to take some photo. yeah its seem funny but i hope its not too bad. just hate look face too symmetrical.

yesterday i was spent my time at friend's house. make laundry for last weekend and spent time with his cat too. the names cat's name Comel. its lovely cat. she kiss me when i asked her for one kiss. she never do that b4 and now she seems like me. even this morning when i wake up from sleep...she stay beside me n i was talked with her. Comel, i must leaving soon because i hav driving class tomorrow. n she makes sad face...she come close, lay down close to my arm and kiss me.. so touching because i will miss her. suddenly she jumped on my leg. hahhaa..i let het stay there for a while b4 i get ready to wake up and going home.

at 8am i need to go driving class, always come early b4 late..and finished around 4pm. its really tiring because i'm not take breakfast n lunch. was long time today. arrived at home ..just take a little nap and wake up n chat with friend n updated this blog. something nice happen at driving class...but its oklah.. next time will write here.

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