There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Thursday, December 10, 2009

sory not updated blog

this week really tiring week. feel weak..bored....really no energy. although at office, i can handle all the work and finished at right time, but still nothing. dont know why. i went to clinic and tell doctor..i'm not well, feel like fever....but doctor said..i'm not believe u because i saw u keep smiling, with healthy better u just go home. hahhaa so i just go back to home.

have many thing to write here..but lazy. for example last monday, after finished work at office i went home. at pasar seni station, one african guy just enter train with sad face but not crying. yeah he not handsome...hhee but felt something wrong about him. he just stay beside me. then after that, he keep looking his phone...n finally he write something in the message....

" honey, i'm already missing you. i lv you"

wow..... now i understand..why he seems sad.... he missing his lover. yeah, everyone will miss someone close with them. me too. then he got message...n he a bit smile.anyways everyday always saw many attitude, feeling from public.sometime i become naughty2 too.hahha

anyways..lazy week this time. too much work at office, not so healthy, a bit stress..anyways my mind still thinking much and much. now looking night dinner's clothes. dont know which one good for me. i'm a bit fat...hahhaa.

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