There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Thursday, December 24, 2009

off day-- but back to the annual leave

today i was woke up late..still confuse..wanna go office or stay at home and spend time at cinema? i called my 2 officemate, both of them advice me to come office..only my housemate advised me to stay at home. yeah its better for me to save my annual leave. a lot plan for this actually.

for example...maybe i will hav quest from melbourne later, for a week. then my university mate will marriage on may at sabah.need to take leave too..end of the year, my best friend at south africa invite me to attend his son wedding as special guest.yeah many thing to about celebrate new year at singapore? hahha un planning trip....will ask my friend there.

a bit sleepy but i'm happy at home. yesterday really bad day to me. i know myself fully of mad n stress.but will not delete that article. just be honest for everyone n nothing to hide. hope i hav good time at future.

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