There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


i dont know.... nowdays i got many nightmare. although i hav fully energy but every night i cant sleep well. honestly i dont want write here about that but..if i'm not sharing or take out from myself..its will disturb my life n i'm keep thinking of that.maybe its seems funny..but sometime its related what we did at normal life.

last week....... i was dream fly in my life. since i'm kid until now. i was travel like time traveler..... meet old friend, my cousin(passed away), even when i'm primary i saw everything happen in my life. seems that i really lonely guy and always sacrifice many thing b4 for people i love n close.i just fly slowly.....look down n saw all people i know. at my face..look like i'm sad..not smile..i dont i was died. i dont know.

the next day...again i hav bad nightmare.... i was become a suspect to famous person at malaysia. he was died at home without reason. the police found me n catch me n put in prison...because they found my hair around his house. i really sacred because i'm not guilty...but with not fair court and police law at malaysia..i'm not confident to win for this case. that guy also hav drug at his house, too much. i dont know about that. so the police still investigate the case...but i'm still at prison..nobody help me. even my family dont know about that. i'm so worry

n last night its the worst for me. later at future..... malaysian government commercial the train system in kl. even rooler coster can use in train rail. so i was waiting for long time to go office...but no train to go my office. i feel patient. but suddenly one train coming n took that train....suddenly at middle of trip..the train stop at big field close to bangsar and dont want moving. i asking the pilot..why u dont want to continue..because i'm late....he said...thats his he lazy to drive..n just follow what he wanna do..arghhhh of course i feeling bad, after that no taxi, no bus....i just walk to office alone..because everyone seems use roller coaster and happy, no need to go office.

what can i do? i try to get rest..but my mind to active thinking. i try stop take any medicine or vitamin, but still same. why i'm so active? i feel bad sometime...but daytime i'm active working...n night my mind still same.if i''m not doing anything..i will feel bad. thats why i always read book, take photo, painting. i know i'm growth now. but i always wish can get good sleep.

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