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Friday, December 18, 2009

me, night n blog

this week is really long weekend.because at malaysia we will hav holiday every friday start this week until next 2 week. this week all muslim celebrate new year in Islam calender. yesterday i'm very busy at office n try to finish work because i dont want bring it at weekend, in mind for thinking or others. luckily 3 bos came at my work place and after discussion,they want me continue on monday, its 80% finished, but they want abit changer. not my faultla.

so just out office around 830pm....nothing to do, no plan....a bit bored but will try make myself busy. ion the way to home, my housemate called n gave me good news, the house's owner gave less rent house to RM600 from RM800. thanks least less than usual. we stay at same house since 5 years ago.

at home we agreed to continue painting for this week, but one of my friend sick..coughing n fever after saw his mother came back from haj at sabah. so lazy day at home, cleaning house, cleaning window, mop the living room floor. yeah i'm happy to see my house clean. especially my bed....the colour attract me to sleep. oooh but its nice to hav someone. lol

yeah kl become empty now..too much holiday and busy with xmas. ohh b4 i forget..i just wanna a give greeting wish for all my friend which is celebrate xmas..merry xmas n happy new year too. i miss all of u.

bored at home, clean computer from unimportant photo, some file, hot photo and disk fragment the computer. found this 3 photo..just to share here.

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