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Monday, December 7, 2009

emergency leave today...sory

actually when i wake up from sleep today... feel so exhausted because hav long holiday and have many thing did for this time. so just make a call to office n continue sleep with new bed. hahha. all my housemate took EL too. hahha

maybe i will write article here with some hope everyone enjoy.after finished work at last friday. i just get out from office n try to get "tikar getah" to put in my room. because later i will paint my room n need tikar getah for flooring. suddenly my sister make a call n say she wanna stay at my house tonight. oh my house still renovating but what to do..i just allow them to stay in friend's room because his room already done for painting. i realize i need pillow for my niece n nephew..... so just getting bus to midvalley n shopping for 4 pillow and conforter. yeah love to make them happy. they growth fast now and really clever.

actually in the way to back home...i was cry n a bit sad because i hav pack time for this weekend..... then suddenly my sister wanna stay over in my house, its quite hard for me.i hate myself because i'm too worry much for many thing n try to take it easy but i will feel sad when people not think that its important thing.

like i read in magazine yesterday

" bercinta seperti esok takkan tiba - kena hargai masa bersama dan dont take things for granted"

"loving is like tomorrow never coming- so appreciate the time we hav and dont take thins for granted"

yeah to make time for everything is not easy, unless i'm crazy guy and dont hav feeling anything. so friday night we painting my room until 1am, then try to fix the wardrobe, the bad thing is the screw drive is broken, so just wait the next day. then early morning, just after my sister left house, we went to sungai besi lrt station or pekan sungai besi to find tikar getah. so for those try to get TIKAR GETAH..just go to sungai besi lrt station, that area. because i try to find at chow kit, ipoh road in kl even in internet...not to much infomation about that. so today i wanna share the infomation to everyone, SUNGAI BESI HAV A LOT OF TYPE OF TIKAR GETAH. so just try search over there.

we also bought the new screw driver. so come back from sungai besi..fixed the wardrobe. we already tired painting last night, so with energy we hav, its took until 4pm. the intrustion to fix wardrobe very messy. so we exhausted. then after finished..i run to friend's house to make laundry. lucky i hav time to clean my clothes. so just put my clothes into washing machine, then take rest at friend's living room. a bit sleepy and tiring. so wish wanna over night there but change mind, so spent time until 12 midnight for cleaning then going back home. so.... nobody at home when i'm back to house because all my housemate go to karaoke...yeah they thought i'm not back home. lol.... then just go out agian for little lunch n they still not going back until 5am. yeah tiring.

after that at 9am...get ready to melaka for wedding. so the melaka story so i hav pack time for the weekend. i know its good for me..but hav some thing not make me gym time, fun time...hahha. because everyone busy with work time...personal life... thats why i always use the time i hav with something memorable because maybe after this we dont hav chance anymore. dont want think about that..because i'm crazy!!!. hahha
for example

if u only can meet someone 1 day for 1 week....1 day= 24 hour from 148 hour... how about minute? so how much the quality time u hav for talk?for sharing, n etc? thats me..i will count the time i hav until i feel the time is really GOLD. very important, because u need to be patient, understanding, be positive and always open minded. so emergency leave because too much think. hahahha

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