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Saturday, December 19, 2009

driving lisence

last night i was slept for 12 hour..record in this month. i'm slept around 9pm and wake up around 9am. so nice without nightmare or something rush to do.normally i always make my computer on until something or online for something!! hahha but no result.

so last night i decided to off handphone, computer, light in room..then just close eyes n sleep. its really lovely. n today wake up from sleep i clean the house, clean my room and go to downstairs at my house.... register for driving license. so i'm happy finally because i will get my driving license later.

thanks for TJ and Patrick because let me drive their car last time, also to my sister because let me drive her car at hometown to shop buy something. i know its a big mistake driving without lisence, but i always happy n smile when drive. hahha different feeling to think prblm just concentrate at in front. lol if i hav own car next time. will go any nice place....breath fresh air..... n etc. i love waterfall, river, forest, hill but star hill lol. anyways just at home today.

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