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Sunday, December 13, 2009

charity dinner

actually i wanna thanks to my best friend in kl, john because invited me to Charity dinner for pink triangle foundation. its about social charity. at 1st time i was reject his invitation but when i read the foundation in website, i think its a lesson for me about this world especially HIV, AIDS and so on. yeah i learn something important.

i know john did good decision when he asked me for invitation. so i really enjoyed that dinner with great, funny performance and people around. of course i bought new shirt.then i was in diet for one week for that night. hahah just to look good ma... aiyooo...!!! hhhaha

anyway last night really i'm enjoy in my life..... since morning i'm cleaning room, house, dancing, shopping, gym..and at night dinner and dancing tooo. hahhaha
love that n i will never forget it.

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