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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

bedtime story or story teller

like usual i cant sleep sometime at night. i just wanna share something nice and a bit history about my family. nowdays all my mind just belong to my family at hometown. everyday i called them because i'm worry about some thing...its related with my eyesbrow moving... until my mother said...dont call her anymore because i always called her everyday.

hhaha i called them because i wanna ask forgiveness and just to know thier health. anyways they r healthy. so talking about bedtime's story....actually its about old story when i'm kids and my grandmother really picky and choosing which family will be best for her. so its was become royal family version in my dream. hahha so i got name. Syed Mohd Ariff Fadhillah Bin Syed Mohd Noor.

its was funny but its nice because become royal family in dream. so honestly, my mother just a village's my grandmother never gave her face because my mother not working. until all works at kitchen will do by my mother. even if we all go to grandmother's house...we always at kitchen to help mother cook for others relative. clean house, throw gargabe at river..... we always jealous with others cousin. i'm still remember my grandmother try to hide apple, grape, lemon in fridge when we go to her mother know about that....only us know about that.

so in the dream..i was become a handsome man from others cousin....hahha intelligent, smart, hardworking, respect old man. and so on. although we just do like a slave..... all my family look likes prince n princess. hahha good for drama. so after a few years... everyone found out..... our family is the best from others family.

thats why i'm not so close with my relative beside father. because they r so arrogant. i hav 6 family from father side in kl. they never contact me, n i also dont want to know them...because we know what happen for us since we kids until now.

at reality.... when my grandmother sick at hospital, all my sister stay over there..clean her shit, clean her clothes....waiting her at hospital n other cousin never do that. so see who the best person in the life...finally my grandmother say sorry to mother b4 she died. its was great appreciate to my mother. i respect my mother, because she is great mother in the world. my feeling and my soul very close to her. we hav same attitude, hobbies, soul..thats why i called her.

anyway become handsome man in dream really nice...hahha so funny actually.

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