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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

bald head again

just taking new photo last weekend. latest look after i bald my head again. for now..i dont feel strange maybe i bald my head always. yeah my hair growth fast n nearly one week now. sometime i love my head without hair..easy t go office n no need to put hair gel. lol

taking time to make up for hair n so on. but sometime when we dont hav hair at head..getting bored too. took photo at old town white coffee, bangsar south. ate mee curry,white coffee n lemon ice. most restaurant close last just at home all the time. no qurban meat anyway. huhuhu.

i got nightmare since last week...worry too.... then my eyelid moving at left side since last week. its not good to believe in islam..but in our custom or routine life ...its not good thing will happen. something not healthy, unhappy, feel sick, feeling missing someone, sad....i dont know..until now i'm feel better. yeah tired of normal. dont want believe it..... hope i'm safe from anything. waiting painting time again. friend weeding on sunday........ hope everything will be ok soon. not busy just bored lately......many people take holiday end of the year, travel around the world... . but i just work at office. no plan, no desire, no hoping, no desperate...i dont know...... love to do something interesting.... but the time make me unintended. empty

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linzscollections said...

ehhhhhhhhhhh dah botak ker?hehhehehheh