There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Saturday, December 26, 2009


today....just spent time at home..continue only living room, kitchen n bathroom..still not painting yet. will continue tomorrow morning because need to but new colour. after housemate and me to time square n decided wanna see avatar film...but already sold out n decided went to tropicana mall. its really nice film n beautiful. but in that movie...its make me remember me someone.

sometime people say love is blind.....when u fall in love(not yet) with someone, u cant listen any advice. yeah stupidity for me because still love someone far from me and somoene already attached.maybe until now....i'm not meet any nice person like what i have b4.. i'm not compare... but just wanna felt something shaking of heart. honestly i'm easy hurt when someone mad me, but u love someone..... u will never feel pain when that person mad, hurt least u will smile. maybe as my admirer. when i look at the eyes......i feel so missing someone. i love u and miss u too. thats honest from my deep heart.

i dont mind at all because anything can happen. even if what we hav around us, in front us still not make us its just forcing to make love.of course i thankful n i appreciate even already tried...but heart language its not easy to understanding.

yeah computer driving test was delay again...seems the plan not move smoothly. just get ready for anything. i'm happy for this time. just wanna move on.

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