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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

unexpected reality tv show

last week i was in train on the way to kl sentral at weekend. in train i saw many people with many of attitude, poor people, construction workers, even foreigner. so most of them really look exhausted but i'm sure u dont believe it..they r very good looking. honestly when we say about construction workers, of course we talking about man's job. so i realize n its good if at malaysia, we hav a reality tv show about a good looking from construction work to become model of world. although many foreigner like sri lankan, pakistan, bangladesh or india, indonesia and ets..we can recruit them to join our modeling sector at malaysia. so we can make agreement after they win in the reality tv show. i'm sure at malaysia we still dont hav many male model which is "male looking". at same time we also hav many foriegner student, we also can make this reality show more interesting.

the other thing is..i realize many nice people r come from below level because if u saw any director, manager at big big company..they r not good looking...maybe they god fair in this world. sometime if we hav lot of money..we not happy but when we got small salary or average..sometime its make us happy with our world. so time is moving.. many thing need change, so everyone must saving too. hope this idea can make some tv station become famous....because malaysian attitude will vote thier favourite "sexy male model ". hahha believe me.

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