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Sunday, November 22, 2009

a synopsis of weekend

hi hi hi i'm back from long time...yeah i'm a bit slow down in writing now. yup i will close my blog when its reach 7000 later.

i know its not good decision but i think its only way for me to less responsibility with my blog, my life, my time even others thing too. honestly i dont want write any sad story although i always honest with myself n and my feeling. i cant pretend to be happy all the time. so i really sorry to those love n appreciate what i'm wrote here. one day after i closed this blog u will understand what i meant b4.

i always say in my heart..i hate people dont update their blog....n let it open..because sometime we always opened it everyday. so thats why i think same thing. i dont want people felt bad like i did. sometime i asked my self...why not they just say " i love u" in thier blog..or just write " i got fun today with my partner"...its already enough to update blog. dont say u busy with job..most people busy too..i always stole my time to spend time with someone i miss, love, care even i hav many load or heavy work. i feel happy when saw someone i care in front of me. yeah sms,call, mms, email n many thing. anyway....all about u..... we cant buy love, friendship, n etc. so i really appreciate to those people love me.

ok back to synopsis of weekend activity....ooh i hav great time. try to use my time i hav with something benefit, memorable n try new thing. maybe its crazy but at least i'm not bored at home so like my discussion with my friend last time... he told me.....judge urself b4 u want something u cant hav it here. so dont ever fantasy or imaging that. just accept what ever u hav around u. yeah i realize..... i dont get enough many thing b4 i give to someone. so i start less hope. yeah its make my eyes open. i just asian guy, so ...bla bla bla.

so from that discussion, i'm more positive n always wake up everyday with something nice. i'm deleted all thing not good for me..i dont want bother people anymore n hope people not get bother from me too. so its fair.

then yesterday i wake up early to gym, hav breakfast with my malaysian pakistani. its nice time after not meet for long time. after gym i went to cinema then just going home. suddenly i got a sms from my friend . he from brunei actualy. 1st time i got friend from he told me he in kl n love to meet me at kl sntral. after finish that, i was decided to eat burger king at kl sentral but i changed it because i miss my special food at avenue k. when i walked to guy with his gf say hello to me. finally i realize he is my old friend when i'm study at secondary school. so i invited them to hav drink at avenue k. its was great time...because meet "orang kampung". lol

then both of them left me to klcc n i hav lunch with my miss food...pan mee it. after took lunch i decided to take trip from end of train station to the end of train station...because i got monthly pass. so i can use many time. yeah i love to do that because just release my stress n see the house design n many thing. its lovely time in train, n i realise i got many memory with every station. like kelana jaya station, jelatek, klcc, ampang park n many2. because last time i'm so naughty..but now not anymore.

then after my handphone out of battery i run to house to recharge my battery. then at night i got dinner with my Australian friend, he just hav meeting here...... yeah its nice time too. yesterday i make my day so nice n happening.

today...something more nice because 1st time i got experience decorate house for xmas time. haha thanks john. its love time n of course will never forget it. b4 this i really love see any xmas tree at shopping mall and now i got experience to help friend. wow wowo i'm so happy, with something small, put light, star,realy really lovely. so thats all for today. hav good time for weekend. tomorrow will start working. long working day again. always positive.

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