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Saturday, November 7, 2009

something i should know?

when i look at my photo...its just a normal photo, but when u saw many time for this photo.......... u will found something interesting. i took the photo when i wanna go to bukit bintang at chow kit monorail station. i'm never hav driving license... so i think the motorist doing mistake because they stop their motor over the yellow line. right?

then hav look the formation.... is it normal for motorist n why? why not they stand the motor beside each other? easy to to move later? or its normal or no reason? lol heheh. the last photo showed the red line i make after i analysis the photo. they stop the motor one step from behind. n i realize in F1 racing, they also put the car like the last photo too. yeah sometime its good to think why, any

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