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Sunday, November 22, 2009

revolution of main page

after 3 year i'm handle this blog..i got many main page. every main page hav their own history n memory. so b4 i closed my blog..i love to share something worth for me. hope all of you will remember that at future. lol. enjoy the photo.

i was started my blog with this photo, at 1st time..many people critism me badly because i'm using my photo as main page. but i dont care about that..just do what i want n i like it. this photo was took at my 20th birthday celebration. its was nice..still a lot of thing happen...i learn my life..its was good experience.

then i was changed to this photo. the photo took at midvalley for bowling competition among my university mate. just hav great time with friend n i'm still young too n start to know someone important my life b4. hahaha

a memorable photo took by someone meant to me b4 at kl sentral station. just sent friend at station b4 they left malaysia forever. its really sad time but the smile cant show how broke my heart actually.anyway i learn again about life. what we hav now...its only for short by one will go n leave us.maybe not today..maybe next week, next month, next year. so always think for self.

every photo hav their own changing. this photo with new hair style was took at a bus station a long jalan ampang. thats time i was take care of every weekend i hav been there. talking with tree..that memory. the photo means a lonely guy which is cute (joke), big heart, kind and honest at busy road. i'm sure many people saw this guy b4 at jalan ampang b4. hahhaa alone at bus station. thats life...sometime people not appreciate what they hav in front. the photo more about station, trafic and so on.

after that, i big big down day, confusing, lost focus and let see what going on..finally its make me close to God. sun, moon, wind, tree as a partner when heart is broken. because to share with normal people, they never understand and maybe will blame even will gossip with others. so the photo took at hot belon festival at putrajaya. facing the lake.

then decided to bold the head because i want start new life.. sacrifice to god, n always wish the best in my life. i always be positive and always do the best in my life to make people happy with me. yeah life always up and down. i'm ready for anything.

some people say i'm angle, sunshine, cheecky smile, ....hahha many word to meant about me. yeah love to take photo in front of sunlight to get my real colour toned. a bit gold n shiny. took from my house's balcony. so again bald the head after got job at new company.

this photo took at edulfitri at hometown. after fasting time....the time become more naughty. hhaha i'm devil sometime. still single anyway but hav good friend, nice sweet heart..hav lovely family's member its enough to make me happy. i hav many bad n good time i'm mature a bit from b4.

this photo actually try to focus on my self with colour to me n black n white but its become controversy. its showed me at the corner,one step behind from life. a bit surrender, slow down or low profile. but still some people not understand the meaning of photo. so this photo took at friend's open house. and he is my roommate. very kind person.

decided to facus only myself in photo...much better.....

this is the latest hair style, new hope, new smile n less hope. i wanna be positive all the time. will accept anything come 1st. nothing to say.......not broken heart...but i got many many test in my life which is showed me who is my friend n enemy. i'm happy what i have now and grateful with god.

thats all for now. leave comment if all of u hav time. i gave all my heart to, sharing all my secret life, a big part in my life. will close soon. i'm sorry if make everyone feel missing soon.

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