There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Friday, November 13, 2009

red is brave, love, honesty, charming, lovely, happy n fun

every morning..i always wake up early... look outside from window...see the view of kl, thinking of myself and of course love to go at my favourite place, balcony. what i gonna do for this weekend? today is friday........ just stay at home or walk around kl n taking photo? nowdays i love to call my mother to listen her voice.i feel calm down when i listen her voice. the nightmare every night its related about my future, life n even me as a son. i dont know with who i should share.

i called my mother n told finger hav prblm n can't hold everything every morning especially left side. she knews me.... she said... "ariff pls dont think much about ur, heart n mind". yeah its really touching me. she realize since i'm kids..i hav think many thing b4. thats why i hope i'm happy everyday.

its become worst when i saw the film's trailer 2012. i'm afraid, worry. but nothing can do..i just let it go n see what happen again. yeah we only hav49 days b4 end of the year. i want hav good timee someone close to although friend or lover. love to wear red t shirt sometime.

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