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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

proton is average... need improvement or totaly change

this is very hot issue, but i think its good for proton management read about this.i know , my english not good because i think i'm bit better than people in proton management because they study oversea become staff there but never brave to make change for our country. why? they LAZY!!!

day after day, a lot car model come out at market..especially perodua...they always wanna fight with proton's car. its good n even gave challenge to others i just wanna give one idea..because i think its good thing to do for proton also its help for them in marketing. we always watch reality tv show, even a lot of reality tv show at malaysia. why not proton with thier contribution make a reality tv show about design car's model in our country. i'm sure many malaysian good in graphic, 3d animation or 3d maker. so its time for proton to accept any outsider idea or design. make a competition n open it for any application as long as they r malaysian. after that choose 12 or 20 design...n let people vote at reality tv show.

from that its help proton for marketing, and make guarantee..every design which at no 1,2,3 will make n sell at market. malaysian vote for the car thier like n of course they will buy it. so dont be late to get this idea. the benefit is

1. all malaysian already know the new model
2. save money for advertisement
3. malaysian choose the car they like
4. that a new thing in proton, i'm sure malaysia's car can change the world i challenge to any staff at proton to do that. all of u hav good brain..come out and do something. one thing i really dont understand..... many malaysian always complain about our proton's engine... many malaysian at outside know how to make engine better from engineer at proton. why not invite them to hav discussion, sit down on table and see what the weakness, or advantage. i'm sure we can hav better engine. a good discussion always the best thing in our work life. dont be proud of ur level of study but ur brain is empty. people with many working experience more better than someone got 1 phd. so ready to change.


Anonymous said...

I agree totally. Market position wise, Proton has the Lotus breed, but use it to market cars pitched against the cheap chinese imports overseas. Instead, Proton should take on a new niche, sports cars in a certain bracket, but only if they are going to produce this sportscar. The Australian market is confused by the Proton market, Lotus but very cheap? Why? Protection in Malaysia does Proton no favours as they will not get an opportunity to compete against their true competitors in the world market. It took Australia 60 years to work this out, so hopefully Malaysia, a lot sooner

ariff said...

thanks for the comment......i agreed with ur comment. proton need change more than everything...kamikaze thinking or revolution in engineering industry even design , interior everything. its ok to copry from other car..but change it or improvve the design become he best design.

Anonymous said...

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