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Sunday, November 8, 2009

one memory with housemate

actually..... today is the last day my housemate stay at our house because he will move out because he got offer at johor bahru n will training at singapore. he is good person . very islamic person. one thing i like about him is every morning he will play islamic song. its really nice n make me feel fresh. thats why right now...after i wake up from sleep i always play nice song from him...make me down to earth n humble. we just human so we must be honest..kind helpful n always remember about God, family n etc. i wish he will enjoy with his work life.

another thing is he got appendix surgery last time....n extend his study. thats time he was bad fever, i take care of him...but finally he find out he got bad appendix sick.he got operation n very thin...but now he fat again. hehehe. i will miss u nash. take care. feel sad. i hate this situation. anyway everyone hav thier life

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