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Monday, November 16, 2009


this weekend, i just spent my time at home. only sunday morning..i went to gym n cinema. normally my housemate download latest movie at i'm rarely go to cinema...but for 2012 film, i'm still not watch it because too much people now at any to see the graphic effect with sound effect.let the2012 film's fever is calm down n hope can watch later.

at house i watch many tv series because dont hav time to catch up at week day. tv series like...heroes, smallville, santuary, merlin. i think latest at US. my friend download new indonesian film with title " ketika cinta bertasbih". nice film and all about love story. one thing i remember about the film inside is...i love that poem when that woman explain what meaning of here i write down what she said in the film.

"love is a energy which is can change:

torn become rose
vinegar become grapes
night become day
lonely become happy
satan become prophet
devil become angel
sick become healthy
bush become garden
prison become palace
angry become smile
stingy become generous

so everyone will feel like that when they fall in love. 2 different world n i'm sure its nice because i never hav feeling like that b4. only hav good time with friend but its only for short time because everyone hav their own destiny. if the beaches can changing everyday because of wave...i'm sure its also happen for human. what we got now...its only for short time....thats why...when i hav chance..i always wanna do the best in my life although i'm just a special friend for them.that chance i hav i will show my power f love, my care even i love them more than myself.

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