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Saturday, November 7, 2009

getting frustrated

hmmm.... this week really busy for me..because many thing need to catch up, date, work n etc. only today i'm a bit frustrated. maybe too much work, expectation, hoping n too much think.anyway will explain one by one.

this week i hav many work....everyday hav submission but i'm smart person n finished office work one by one. at same time i hav guest from south Africa, Sydney n my best friend came back from US to kl. n one of my friend asked me a favour to be her photographer for pre-wedding at park b4 her real wedding day on December. and another things is my friend asked me a favour to buy the crystal n deal with someone. so its really hard n i need to take care their heart rather than me. i want all people happy with me.

my south africa friend just arrived on monday, we know each other quite long n i really appreciate him because he helped me when i'm jobless. so we hav great dinner n got birthday present n we talk about his son n crystal. yeah we planned to go terengganu on Saturday morning to see crystal mosque...but its change at last minute.

suddenly my university mate decided wanna take wedding shoot on Saturday too in kl. oooh its really horrible. i'm promised to her b4 but i dont realize she want take the pre-wedding on saturday too. so i just hope the time goes n see what happen.

then my friend in kl just arrived on tuesday after went to US for long period, n planned to meet at friday night. i know he will jet leg n let him rest n relax. but its so nervous because on saturday morning my friend asked me to go terengganu n taking wedding photo too.

its become more hectic when my friend from Sydney email me since a month ago because he wanna come to kl n arrived in kl on thursday. i know him since 3 years ago n this is the 3rd time we met. then lucky because he free to meet on thursday n we hav good dinner after i saw the film at cinema "the time traveler's wife".

so i decided to be honest with my south africa's friend because i need to take photo of my friend..he agreed. thanks god. she wanna take photo at saturday morning at same time i want to stay at friend's house friday night. so i told to myself..let see what happen. then on friday...too much work n lucky i finished it too. then meet my friend n hav good dinner. then i sent a sms to my university mate n promise with her will meet her at 9am on saturday. also want confirmation from her because nowdays kl is rainy. not good for photo shooting, she said ok n i'm happy because she wanna meet after lunch. so i'm lucky because can spend time more at friend's house.

then i spent time at friend's house...... after long time not meet him. maybe what i'm hoping its not a bit frustrated then i just go home because need to catch photo shooting. but suddenly my university mate change to 5pm because her future husband dont like hot weather n hav something to do after lunch. so i'm more feeling down.

i know its not good for me to write here...but its just sharing prblm. n i dont want people say i'm playboy because hav many date...its was accidentally for this time. i only wanna meet my favourite person n i know which one the best comfortable with me...but its more hurts n frust because what u waiting, hoping, miss n change at last minute. i always care about friend's feeling n always wanna satisfy what people want, meeting, help, favour n etc. oooh all this thing make me tired. i love to become busy because i really afraid to be lonely. but sometime i always say to myself...i'm not good enough to everyone n i realize everyone is not perfect.same like me. then i'm crying because its really sad n its hurted me too much.only me feeling because i just want people happy with me.let it go n see what happen.

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