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Sunday, November 1, 2009

found a memory from memory book

this weekend...really busy weekend for me. many thing need to do. thinking about work, house, and life too.i bought new lcd monitor and its make me more comfortable after borrowed friend's monitor to do work at home. change new mouse, ear phone and start thinking about house. now the situation is different. after refuse to stay at this house, now they change their mind and want to cooperation together. so i got 3 people will stay with me. they change their mind. hahhaa.

so like i told b4..the garbage at kitchen still there, nobody wanna throw out at main dustbin at outside. its oklah i will do until they change thier mind. so after that start collect all unbenefit thing in my house...n i found my old important book. i try to find it since a few year ago. now i found it. so happy. i found my box at another place in my house. ooh.. actually b4 i start writing in my blog, i hav special book. its for university but i learn about lettering exercise in architecture. so the thing is i write more about myself inside. hahah then i read back again.....its so funny. i'm good boy long time ago..only now a much naughty. anyways i'm happy today, the experience teach me to be mature guy. love it.

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