There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Thursday, November 5, 2009

busy week n life

1st of all, i really sorry if i'm not updated my blog since a few day ago, i also use same photo. i hav hectic day n i lost focus on myself too. too much work at office n need to do something important. the day moving fast n sometime i feel bad because i just spent time at office, work , work n work. no time for smile, talk, even for personal thing. i try to not using internet at office because i heard something not nice at office. but honestly......when u dont hav idea or sleepy..internet is only way to fresh eyes.

sometime at morning in train or office, when someone cross over my mind, with fast i grab the phone n say i love u n i miss u. it's not means he or she is my lover, but someone i can remember n make me feel comfortable. only that way i can do b4 i'm start busy at office every morning n b4 i'm sleep.its nice right, when got sweet word b4 sleep.....i hav b4 but not now.

the other thing is everyday in train...we always saw nice person . he or she always look nice in our eyes. feel wanna touch it..wanna say hello but i'm not brave to do that. only put that dream in heart n wish one day can meet again. because i know.....its not happen if u try hard or he or she not for u. thats more bad. arghhhhhh

now 215am.i cant sleep, i hav long chat with friend.......but i cant explain here because i think its same thing topic n idea of mine. only some people know my feeling......m that topic. sometime i already got the answer or solution..but need to out that prblm..because if i save in heart..its will hurt me.i'm not hope or expectation too much because i know who am i'm. i'm grateful to God what i hav now. but its nice to hav someone stay close with us...can make smile , happy, n fun. i dont know...which mistake i did.....i try many way.....but if the God not allow that..i'm sure its never happen.

i must sleep... i'm confuse.....let it go? how many time i should let it go? i fed up anyway. what can i do? dont want feeling bad...but i wanna least tomorrow i will feel more better.

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