There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Monday, November 2, 2009

2 month b4 end of the year

i know its too early to talk about our planning or hope for new year actually. i just want to remind myself about my hope for this year. its good for us to hav target in life. i always to reach my target although it impossible for me to get it in this 2 month but at least i'm not regret. let make it as my secret. start at sad thing at early of the year...a bit drama then i lost my job...n try hard to climb the difficulties...then i found the light also new great friend beside me... now i'm feeling much better. its means my graf in going up now.
so its good for me to know myself when i hav bad great person as my friend. i dont mind at all if some people put distance between me because i think i'm honest in every relationship n always be easy n say the true or straight to point. i know i'm owed many thing from many friend...hope one day i will pay back (not money). so i'm happy right now. nothing to worry anyway, be patient n positive. honestly i love all people which is close n always contact me. sorry i'm over contact sometime. just bored n naughty sometime ahaks.

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