There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Thursday, November 26, 2009

unclever decision

i dont know.... why i'm not so good in planning this time.very bored at home n alone because all housemate going to hometown. i dont know its was my mistake to not go hometown. just dont hav feeling to back home seems i lost focus a bit. so finally i'm bored at home. starting download any movie. listening music... arghhhhh.

then i start thinking what to do. i'm lucky because i was thinking about piccolo hotel. its very unique name. never been there b4.....just walk outside hotel n dream to hav dinner at their restaurant.try search the hotel website...surprise the interiors really great.they use scene under the sea as thier unique ....very nice n also the song theme really relax.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

proton is average... need improvement or totaly change

this is very hot issue, but i think its good for proton management read about this.i know , my english not good because i think i'm bit better than people in proton management because they study oversea become staff there but never brave to make change for our country. why? they LAZY!!!

day after day, a lot car model come out at market..especially perodua...they always wanna fight with proton's car. its good n even gave challenge to others i just wanna give one idea..because i think its good thing to do for proton also its help for them in marketing. we always watch reality tv show, even a lot of reality tv show at malaysia. why not proton with thier contribution make a reality tv show about design car's model in our country. i'm sure many malaysian good in graphic, 3d animation or 3d maker. so its time for proton to accept any outsider idea or design. make a competition n open it for any application as long as they r malaysian. after that choose 12 or 20 design...n let people vote at reality tv show.

from that its help proton for marketing, and make guarantee..every design which at no 1,2,3 will make n sell at market. malaysian vote for the car thier like n of course they will buy it. so dont be late to get this idea. the benefit is

1. all malaysian already know the new model
2. save money for advertisement
3. malaysian choose the car they like
4. that a new thing in proton, i'm sure malaysia's car can change the world i challenge to any staff at proton to do that. all of u hav good brain..come out and do something. one thing i really dont understand..... many malaysian always complain about our proton's engine... many malaysian at outside know how to make engine better from engineer at proton. why not invite them to hav discussion, sit down on table and see what the weakness, or advantage. i'm sure we can hav better engine. a good discussion always the best thing in our work life. dont be proud of ur level of study but ur brain is empty. people with many working experience more better than someone got 1 phd. so ready to change.

unexpected reality tv show

last week i was in train on the way to kl sentral at weekend. in train i saw many people with many of attitude, poor people, construction workers, even foreigner. so most of them really look exhausted but i'm sure u dont believe it..they r very good looking. honestly when we say about construction workers, of course we talking about man's job. so i realize n its good if at malaysia, we hav a reality tv show about a good looking from construction work to become model of world. although many foreigner like sri lankan, pakistan, bangladesh or india, indonesia and ets..we can recruit them to join our modeling sector at malaysia. so we can make agreement after they win in the reality tv show. i'm sure at malaysia we still dont hav many male model which is "male looking". at same time we also hav many foriegner student, we also can make this reality show more interesting.

the other thing is..i realize many nice people r come from below level because if u saw any director, manager at big big company..they r not good looking...maybe they god fair in this world. sometime if we hav lot of money..we not happy but when we got small salary or average..sometime its make us happy with our world. so time is moving.. many thing need change, so everyone must saving too. hope this idea can make some tv station become famous....because malaysian attitude will vote thier favourite "sexy male model ". hahha believe me.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

permenant staff

yesterday, i was signed confirmation as permanent staff at office after 3 month probation. so like i promised with the God b4, i will bald my head again this weekend. hmmm i love my hair i hav new look soon without hair. hopefully i'm look ok soon. lovely time for life now. thanks God.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

revolution of main page

after 3 year i'm handle this blog..i got many main page. every main page hav their own history n memory. so b4 i closed my blog..i love to share something worth for me. hope all of you will remember that at future. lol. enjoy the photo.

i was started my blog with this photo, at 1st time..many people critism me badly because i'm using my photo as main page. but i dont care about that..just do what i want n i like it. this photo was took at my 20th birthday celebration. its was nice..still a lot of thing happen...i learn my life..its was good experience.

then i was changed to this photo. the photo took at midvalley for bowling competition among my university mate. just hav great time with friend n i'm still young too n start to know someone important my life b4. hahaha

a memorable photo took by someone meant to me b4 at kl sentral station. just sent friend at station b4 they left malaysia forever. its really sad time but the smile cant show how broke my heart actually.anyway i learn again about life. what we hav now...its only for short by one will go n leave us.maybe not today..maybe next week, next month, next year. so always think for self.

every photo hav their own changing. this photo with new hair style was took at a bus station a long jalan ampang. thats time i was take care of every weekend i hav been there. talking with tree..that memory. the photo means a lonely guy which is cute (joke), big heart, kind and honest at busy road. i'm sure many people saw this guy b4 at jalan ampang b4. hahhaa alone at bus station. thats life...sometime people not appreciate what they hav in front. the photo more about station, trafic and so on.

after that, i big big down day, confusing, lost focus and let see what going on..finally its make me close to God. sun, moon, wind, tree as a partner when heart is broken. because to share with normal people, they never understand and maybe will blame even will gossip with others. so the photo took at hot belon festival at putrajaya. facing the lake.

then decided to bold the head because i want start new life.. sacrifice to god, n always wish the best in my life. i always be positive and always do the best in my life to make people happy with me. yeah life always up and down. i'm ready for anything.

some people say i'm angle, sunshine, cheecky smile, ....hahha many word to meant about me. yeah love to take photo in front of sunlight to get my real colour toned. a bit gold n shiny. took from my house's balcony. so again bald the head after got job at new company.

this photo took at edulfitri at hometown. after fasting time....the time become more naughty. hhaha i'm devil sometime. still single anyway but hav good friend, nice sweet heart..hav lovely family's member its enough to make me happy. i hav many bad n good time i'm mature a bit from b4.

this photo actually try to focus on my self with colour to me n black n white but its become controversy. its showed me at the corner,one step behind from life. a bit surrender, slow down or low profile. but still some people not understand the meaning of photo. so this photo took at friend's open house. and he is my roommate. very kind person.

decided to facus only myself in photo...much better.....

this is the latest hair style, new hope, new smile n less hope. i wanna be positive all the time. will accept anything come 1st. nothing to say.......not broken heart...but i got many many test in my life which is showed me who is my friend n enemy. i'm happy what i have now and grateful with god.

thats all for now. leave comment if all of u hav time. i gave all my heart to, sharing all my secret life, a big part in my life. will close soon. i'm sorry if make everyone feel missing soon.

a synopsis of weekend

hi hi hi i'm back from long time...yeah i'm a bit slow down in writing now. yup i will close my blog when its reach 7000 later.

i know its not good decision but i think its only way for me to less responsibility with my blog, my life, my time even others thing too. honestly i dont want write any sad story although i always honest with myself n and my feeling. i cant pretend to be happy all the time. so i really sorry to those love n appreciate what i'm wrote here. one day after i closed this blog u will understand what i meant b4.

i always say in my heart..i hate people dont update their blog....n let it open..because sometime we always opened it everyday. so thats why i think same thing. i dont want people felt bad like i did. sometime i asked my self...why not they just say " i love u" in thier blog..or just write " i got fun today with my partner"...its already enough to update blog. dont say u busy with job..most people busy too..i always stole my time to spend time with someone i miss, love, care even i hav many load or heavy work. i feel happy when saw someone i care in front of me. yeah sms,call, mms, email n many thing. anyway....all about u..... we cant buy love, friendship, n etc. so i really appreciate to those people love me.

ok back to synopsis of weekend activity....ooh i hav great time. try to use my time i hav with something benefit, memorable n try new thing. maybe its crazy but at least i'm not bored at home so like my discussion with my friend last time... he told me.....judge urself b4 u want something u cant hav it here. so dont ever fantasy or imaging that. just accept what ever u hav around u. yeah i realize..... i dont get enough many thing b4 i give to someone. so i start less hope. yeah its make my eyes open. i just asian guy, so ...bla bla bla.

so from that discussion, i'm more positive n always wake up everyday with something nice. i'm deleted all thing not good for me..i dont want bother people anymore n hope people not get bother from me too. so its fair.

then yesterday i wake up early to gym, hav breakfast with my malaysian pakistani. its nice time after not meet for long time. after gym i went to cinema then just going home. suddenly i got a sms from my friend . he from brunei actualy. 1st time i got friend from he told me he in kl n love to meet me at kl sntral. after finish that, i was decided to eat burger king at kl sentral but i changed it because i miss my special food at avenue k. when i walked to guy with his gf say hello to me. finally i realize he is my old friend when i'm study at secondary school. so i invited them to hav drink at avenue k. its was great time...because meet "orang kampung". lol

then both of them left me to klcc n i hav lunch with my miss food...pan mee it. after took lunch i decided to take trip from end of train station to the end of train station...because i got monthly pass. so i can use many time. yeah i love to do that because just release my stress n see the house design n many thing. its lovely time in train, n i realise i got many memory with every station. like kelana jaya station, jelatek, klcc, ampang park n many2. because last time i'm so naughty..but now not anymore.

then after my handphone out of battery i run to house to recharge my battery. then at night i got dinner with my Australian friend, he just hav meeting here...... yeah its nice time too. yesterday i make my day so nice n happening.

today...something more nice because 1st time i got experience decorate house for xmas time. haha thanks john. its love time n of course will never forget it. b4 this i really love see any xmas tree at shopping mall and now i got experience to help friend. wow wowo i'm so happy, with something small, put light, star,realy really lovely. so thats all for today. hav good time for weekend. tomorrow will start working. long working day again. always positive.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a love story

actually i wanna share something sweet from myself. last week i was do overtime at office n back home late. so after finished the work, we walked to train station and my officemate told me about her sister's love story with iranian guy at chat. that guy gave her a beautiful song. i asked her to share that song via blue-tooth because she also dont know the title of that song. so a week i listened that beautiful with great lyric.then a week also i investigate that song. finally today i found that title , the singer's name,....... i was so happy. i'm fever today but after got the answer...hahha not fever anymore. so happy actually.

so i dedicated this song to everyone love me, care about me and always remember me. i always wrote about poem related with nature, and nature. the song really meant to me. so i want poeple know, i always love u anywhere u go. but one thing i want people know...... i really miss all of u, if u not beside me although 0.000001mm.i love u

The Same Sun
From Quiet Revolution
by Chris de Burgh

Year Released: 1999

I cannot sleep tonight, I have you on my mind,
Even the wind is calling your name,
Though you are far away, I feel that you are near,
Whispering words from over the sea,
And if you wake in your night,remember that I will be here;

And like the same sun, that's rising on the valley with the dawn,
I will walk with your shadow and keep you warm,
And like the same moon, that's shining through my window here tonight,
I will watch in your darkness, and bring you safely to the morning light.

Where there is love like this, forever, for all time,
I will be there, wherever you lie,
And where there are hearts that live together in one soul,
Nothing on earth will keep us apart,
And if you're crying inside, remember that I will be here;

And like the same sun that's rising on the valley with the dawn,
I will walk with your shadow and keep you warm,
And like the same moon that's shining through my window here tonight,
I will watch in your darkness, and bring you safely to the morning light;
I Love you, I love you, I love you;

And if you're crying inside, remember that I will be here;

And like the same sun, that's rising on the valley with the dawn,
I will walk with your shadow and keep you warm,
And like the same moon that's shining through my window here tonight,
I will watch in your darkness and bring you safely to the morning light;

Same sun, same moon,
Same sun, same moon,
Same soul, same heart,
Same World, same stars - you will be forever in my world;

Same sun, same moon,
Same sun, same moon,
Same soul, same heart, oh, I love you I love you I love you,
Same world, same stars - you will be forever in my heart.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009


this weekend, i just spent my time at home. only sunday morning..i went to gym n cinema. normally my housemate download latest movie at i'm rarely go to cinema...but for 2012 film, i'm still not watch it because too much people now at any to see the graphic effect with sound effect.let the2012 film's fever is calm down n hope can watch later.

at house i watch many tv series because dont hav time to catch up at week day. tv series like...heroes, smallville, santuary, merlin. i think latest at US. my friend download new indonesian film with title " ketika cinta bertasbih". nice film and all about love story. one thing i remember about the film inside is...i love that poem when that woman explain what meaning of here i write down what she said in the film.

"love is a energy which is can change:

torn become rose
vinegar become grapes
night become day
lonely become happy
satan become prophet
devil become angel
sick become healthy
bush become garden
prison become palace
angry become smile
stingy become generous

so everyone will feel like that when they fall in love. 2 different world n i'm sure its nice because i never hav feeling like that b4. only hav good time with friend but its only for short time because everyone hav their own destiny. if the beaches can changing everyday because of wave...i'm sure its also happen for human. what we got now...its only for short time....thats why...when i hav chance..i always wanna do the best in my life although i'm just a special friend for them.that chance i hav i will show my power f love, my care even i love them more than myself.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

the last song b4 i close my blog soon.

we always plan our life to be great life, but all what we planned its not all going happen.

" what ever will be, will be, will be......."

thanks to everyone