There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Thursday, October 15, 2009

you belong to me....... is very busy day.....onthe way to office, my architect already sms me need my help. yeah i'm smart guy and always work fast n do what he want. so today i'm working smart to help my architect. he thanks me many time because i helped him. yeah in teamwork.......i think we need help each other. that's really make me appreciate him. in my experience working b4...not easy to get thanks word from architect...but he really humble person...but sometime i dont like him...because he bit bossy. lol. anyways only me helped him a lot in design n he comfortable discuss with me because others staff seems not serious to do work..what to do...need work smart too.not so smart but need to plan my time for work, gym, and life too

just finished my work at office n run to home because need to go gym....need to do exercise n forget everything make me i'm at home, sleepy but wanna update photo. anyway dont take photo nowdays...because i look horrible because my hair on head start growth..need time to put gel or bold it again. hehhe.anyways i'm happy for this week. love to meet all my friend.sometime i really miss them.sweet day n dream.always smile ok

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