There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Sunday, October 25, 2009

who is perfect? none.... we all have defects!!!

today i opened new youtube...see nice trailer....i love that trailer because the person inside the trailer very confident...nice word n i love that word above. nobody is perfect, same like me...just down to earth person.

talking about myself...many people confusing with my originality. last night i took taxi and the taxi driver asking me r u local? i said of course i'm malaysian from terengganu. lol we talk a lot in car, about my life, work and so on. when i'm arrived at home, he said..thanks you sir, u r nice guy, keep doing what u did now..go gym, do photographer n work smart at office. hehhe the taxi driver nice too. actually many taxi driver keep asking me if i'm malaysian or not. anyways i'm pure malay.

some people i'm look like maori people from australia / new zealand..or samoa people from pacific island, fiji or latin. hahha i'm big smiling. anyways all this people are sometime we r look the same. so i'm proud to be malay guy. just a big joke for weekend.sorry the photo a bit strange because i use my phone n some photo look not good because my monitor broken..just borrow friend's monitor. need to buy new monitor after get salary for this month. hehehe lol

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