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Friday, October 16, 2009

wake up early

cannot sleep well tonight because too cold in kl..... normally my routine is drink honey every morning. today a bit special because i feel my skin injured because of the exercise at gym so boiled 2 egg, eat tomato, 2 slice bread. hmmm yeah need to work out n be fit again . not to be muscle. if i got muscle its a bonus for me.

actually when i celebrate eidul fitri with my family, we create diet club because everyone gain diet... hahaha my mother always cooked delicious food. so we play games like........ if we assembly next year...n see how much reduce the weight...that person will get the money. we put rm30 per person. 8 people agreed to join that games

1. my mother = 95kg
2. my 1st sister = 95kg
3. my 2nd sister= 93kg
4. me= 93kg (now 89kg)
5. my 3rd brother = 105kg
6. my 4th sister = 75kg
7. my 5th sister = <70kg
8. my 6th sister = <100kg

so i must reduce more weight. i know its not hard games..but if we not play n do this games... everyone will gain more weight. i create this games after many of them complaint because our mother cooked delicious food when we at hometown.we enjoyed that cook actually.

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