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Saturday, October 17, 2009

very bored at home

i'm starting getting bored at home. wake up early, went gym, clean house..all i done. i dont like this feel plus rainy outside. i want another step in my prblm. i know office prblm still in my mind although its not for me.....but i'm concern about other friends too n that project. what i should do? housemate? everyone hav thier own gf...going back home...go to about me?

cinema? what can i do after cinema? chat? after chat? read book? after read book? same thing in life. most my friend not in kl...thats the prblm. i know i should start find new friend..... look around..... hmmm its hard to find good people in this life. called my bad sister lost her baby ..pregnant for 5 week. she save.

what i need to do next........? i dont know. when we dont hav job...we worried to be useless person, but when we hav job...many prblm at office n client tooo. also in relationship.....when become single...always feel lonely...but when attached...getting bored with that person. thats life...why not everyday is honey moon day? people travel around...see many people....thats of my friend is lecture n give talk at university...last week at italy, spain, london, n this week mumbai india......i'm still sit down in kl.

midvalley, klcc, kl tower, pwtc, train and gym....arghhhhhhhh. hehehehe.... thats me when getting bored...become horrible. anyway pls anyone wanna company me or doing activity?

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