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Sunday, October 11, 2009

sick of life +can u stand for many lover in one time?

i hav some free time to update my blog, just finished continue my article "high class". like i promised last time i will write about topic above.let me share something....i know not many people will read this topic, its good anyway hhehe.

working at Jalan Ipoh really gave me a challenge for my life and also for my future life. everyday i saw many drama of life, its make my heart n mind sick because too many thing in front of me. everyone know about Jalan Ipoh in kl, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and so on. its prostitute transsexual, HIV, poor, homeless, even more than u think. everyday i saw one guy sleep on floor at same place at same time. i think of myself......i'm lucky hav job,lucky hav family, lucky still par the rent house. but in my heart...pity of him..i'm sure he dont want become like that. after that one guy walk alone n talk alone beside me....very bad condition.....why all this people become like that....stress, lonely, crazy? where is government to help them?

then i saw one couple indian a man n women....romantic like a lover, near of them another couple like fight each facing hav big prblm...i feel prblm or dont hav chemistry anymore? how about sex? dont u think they do safe sex? maybe that guy hav sex with the girl and she pregnant..after that the guy dont want about the young indian couple? hope they will be ok. then i walk again n saw one guy find food, cigerate in dustbin. oooh look at his skin.....very bad. all this thing always make myself thinking, thinking n nearly make me sick. i'm thankful the god what i hav now. thats why i dont want be like that n i hope i find a good partner to spend my life with good n great. maybe i can say....if we plan our young time with something good, i'm sure at old time or future time..u already hav something great to share.

last week i also hav date with someone.we hav drink at old town n just chit chat to know each other after office work. its make me relax after doing hard work at office. try to know him because he just new in kl with his family although all of them r malaysian. they stay at US for quite long time. after that he showed me his photo at US and also his lover.....unbelievable he got many lover at same time. the photo really hot and superb. but i think i will never do that...cheating people around with different lover and hav fun with them. its not good...always become and loyal to only one. its enough. because i think if one person can satisfy u in many thing, why must find another person, unless u got bored with her/him. so make sure ask u like if ur lover hav many lover too same like u? its ok if u hav open relationship.......i dont know what to say because everyone hav thier own reason.i respect it.

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