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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

renovate room or moved to new house

recently some of my housemate finished study at university, after a month jobless, they got new job. one of them will moved from our house to johor bahru n training at singapore. so another 2 guy will also go out from our house soon. so only 4 person in my house now. with the house in not good condition..but located very strategic area...its hard for us to stay only 4 person. honestly the cost living in kl very high n sometime we only got small salary. so only 2 choice can we do is...renovate house n promote another people to come in or everyone moved to others house. now i'm a bit worry.......where i should find new room?.

although my roommate said..time to clean house, n renovate...but its hard to get new person to rent room with house in bad condition. 2 my close friend got car include my roommate....i'm sure soon they will find new house or room n leaving me.not to day..but maybe next month or next year. its will happen. i know its time for we separate n find new house n life......but its not easy to get house with internet n close to restaurant, public transport with average price. feeling bad now....

hmmmm...we stay in this house close 5 years..i respect my roommate because he never busy body with my personal things. i can open any website i want.....even when i hav problem..he is good listener sometime. other guy very good in download any movie from internet. i must hav decision soon. got headache n bad feeling.what should i do?

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