There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pro n contra

today.....a bit busy with work at office...but i'm happy got sms from my friend at texas, houston. yeah long time not meet n talk. doing urgent work n need to rush. helped my architect when i arrived at office because he got meeting on 11am. i also bring nata de coco because my office make open house called " pot luck". its like everyone bring food, n put at office. i just bought nata de time to cook because nothing at kitchen.

so no more stomach fully with food because they bring satay, pizza, chicken pie, n chocolate cake. hahaha need to go gym later.then continue work n rushing to finish work because around 6pm hav office meeting. so finished around 8pm. going home...feel sms from my mother said...UMNO party gave me money at hometown.i supposed back to hometown and attend UMNO assembly n listen lecture and get money on monday. i refused not go there because i love my holiday. will not take off day day easily. so after got news got money RM200, i just called my mom and gave to her. i know..i hurted my mother because she want me back home to take money...but i hav busy week n tired... anyways with my gift..hope she happy. so thats my day for today...a lot of pro n contra.

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