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Sunday, October 11, 2009

my popular's name or username in life b4?

in my life i using some popular name to represent about myself. some mix name with favourite person even use in my email. yeah one of mysecret to share. sometime use for chat......its interesting. i'm sure all of u also hav name for try to write down and u will know later.

1. mohd ariff fadhillah (normally i use this name for official thing)

2. edward thomas jr. (its my english's name, i'm not convert to christian...just my favourite actor in novel when i read long time ago.)

3. arimin2001 ( most the time i use this name, the mix name with my admirer person when i study at matriculation. lol hahaha its embrassing me.....ariff+ min= arimin. yeah kind of history name)

4. arysha aryfsha (its combination with my name n my 1st admirer in my life,"monkey love". ariff+sha= arysha or shariff....kind of confusing identity more long time ago. now i'm not confuse anymore. hahaha.i using this name when emergency case. hahaha anyways its lovely n hav thier own history)

5. arique fadhillisias ( nowdays i always listen Enrique Iglesias song...... love the lyric n the song mostly beautiful. i dont know why....maybe i'm too lonely recently.)

last week one of my office mate waiting his wife giving birth. so he asked me to name his daughter soon. here some my idea for his daughter name:
1. zahra batrisyah
2. zahra qistina
3. zara aisyah
4. kyra zara

finally he choose Qyrea Zara Binti Zulkifli. hope his daughter will beautiful like her name. interesting to share.

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