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Friday, October 30, 2009

monogamous, polygami,, open relationship, which one the best?

everyday i listened hotfm radio on the way to office in train. the hot topic for this week is polygamy issue among malaysian. i know its hottest issue to everyone including my family n me too. b4 i write more about that, i really sorry to everyone if what i write here really bad or not follow islamic way..but when we think about humanity or human right, we will never do mistake at future. i'm not say polygamy is bad way to choose..but we take another people an example n be patient..

last week in the radio, one women really frustrated when her husband wanna marriage another women and make hot call at the radio for her. although he try to do joke but the real thing is he wanna marriage another women. i know its hard for everyone to share his/her love with anyone. its happen to my mother...when my father marriage another women...i know she suffer her life for 9 kids. if my father thinking my mother not tight anymore.... why he make baby until 9?if he hav another reason n say he enough to give money for our family..but why my mother still working for our family? so i wanna ask to every single man in this world...r u really ready for everything? money, sex, responsibility, love to share with wife, kids, family n islam?

if all of u said..i MUSt marriage another about ur salat? pray? fasting? zakat? nafkah? can all man think about that b4 marriage another women?. maybe this point a bit crazy...but if this point can make all man open their eyes..i think its good for them to think more about thier decision. if man can marriage another women without reason...why not the 1st wife said to their husband..." if u want marriage another women..let me marriage another man...we will many man can fuck me in one night...n i wanna much u can fuck ur new wife?" i'm sure one man can hav sex many time in one night n i think women can hav many man in one night. so to all man....think many time b4 u decide for urself.

i'm not say my father is bad father...i love him very much more than everything n i salute n respect him because he can facing this kind of life. for me i'm not so strong like him. sometime i will feel down when hav prblm.

thats why if u listen Rossa song " hey ladies"...u will understand..what i mean here.

"hey ladies..dont ever say weak, we also can cheating n make another love, when woman do it..the world will damage"

deeply i wanna say i'm not perfect muslim but in Islam all thing very easy in why not every prblm must hav discussion n tolerant. i'm sure this topic will never damage our community. i respect to everyone. i respect their decision...just give my opinion.i will agree if hav strong reason.peace to everyone.

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