There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

listened and saw by heart

all work done early today, so i hav chance to gym again. in the train i listen hotfm radio, the famous radio in malaysia. one girl called that radio and say her life today not so hot because someone mad her because she not go to school because today is last day for secondary school at malaysia. then i was dream...what happen at the last day when i study at primary school and secondary school. i hate that day actually. the reason is

1. i will getting old
2. my popular teacher will not teach me anymore and unpopular will teach us...with serious...always afraid in class
3. always change new class, so need clean class again
4. every new semester, teacher always start to choose new leader in class...i always hide myself because i dont wanna be class rap.
5. my best pot to see people will i hate that
6. of course i will my classmate, teach at school because school break too long, i hate feel lonely. dont mind if hav class long as i hav something to do

after i arrived at masjid jamek station to change another train, i saw one couple really touching me. i know they r still student and teenager, but i can see that girl's face really sad because i'm sure today is last day for school. so she will break to meet her bf ...i thought. so that guy was touched her head n make her calm down..... so touching. both of them still with school t shirt... yeah lovely couple...i always hope i hav partner too. hmmmm lol

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