There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Sunday, October 18, 2009

lazy day is my lazy day. just stay at home....lazy to take shower, lazy to eat, lazy doing work, lazy clean t shirt..alll lazy..just lay down on floor watch movie...feeling bad because nothing to i can continue my life like this? miss someone far from my place..... thinking of my work to face work day tomorrow? all same.....i dont know what i should waiting for...quantity or quality. arghhhhhh

i always thinking at another side of my life.....why the God gave me lazy day today?want me feel lonely n change? or just be rest n relax? or make me more upset? i'm waiting , waiting n waiting...nothing happen. i know i should try to find it..but when try nothing. arghhhh. i wish something good happen.... i want LOVE, good friend, close n belong to me.i hope too.

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