There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Monday, October 26, 2009

interesting day

last night....its hard for me to sleep. i slept around 12am but wake up around 2am....n only cn sleep around 6am. so i use my time to watch 3 movie..... setem (local film)... sanctuary (tv series) and angel and demons.its nice film and make me remember my best friend luigi at italy. i love him n always thinking of him. pity he passed away n left me a great memory. i try to sleep around 6am n wake up around 8am n ready to go office.

i dont know..i really feel happy today..healthy, smiling, enjoy, fun..maybe i called my best friend last night. yeah.....i miss him a lot. lol. so just wake up n ready to office.....on the way to office, i'm got big smile today because i saw one couple in car gave kissing each other for his gf..n when i wanna cross the road.. another couple of Chinese also give kisss... ohh i love that.wish i can hav lover n got a kiss b4 i go to

then i was walking with big smiling...then one old guy smiling at me n asking for donation...heheh yeah i'm happy today...maybe the old guy is lucky i gave him some money. at office.....everything is fine..only work hard to finish work. so overall is good today....but very tired..need to replace mysleep. i love u all. sweet dream

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