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Saturday, October 17, 2009

"i wanna touch u, u wanna touch me too"- the AMERICAN rejects

yesterday is very dramatic day because everyone got pressure n stress from work.but i'm cool n relax maybe i went to gym not much pressure. actually its happen because someone got pressure with other project but he still can't absorb the pressure. so i dont want involve myself in any party, i did my work and done it. although i finished my work early today around 6pm but as working team work, i need to spend time with other staff. but the prblm is when i start helped them..they going slow..its like i did their job..its strange actually.

sometime i think they only wanna play "game" in office...its like nothing to do at office hour and acting like busy at end of office hour and extend to overtime. come on....every one hav thier own life..thats make me sick in office life. politiking, pressure, attitude and so on. although most of them r marriage..why not work hard at office hour and sharp 6pm, all of u can spend time with ur own family.hav sex with wife or husband, go out with kids, dinner with friend. thats lack of thier life. i'm not shy to say that...because its truth. although i'm still single, i always want spend my time with someone after office hour, talking, run from my world. its good to refresh mind.. but pity i dont anyone to talk....thats why i create activity like went gym.

right now....i dont care people prblm anymore.....i just wanna be freedom in any friend, work smart, hav creative idea.....n work hard. so..back from office around 11pm...i just sleep on nice sleep when u really tired.

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