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Sunday, October 4, 2009


the photo seems like i ask for fight n mad.....actually its not true.sometime getting bored look at my own face, so my friend gave me suggestion to take photo of any part on my body, long time ago. so i love to share about information on our body, maybe we hav same culture n old science.

when i went to primary school or kindergarden, the teacher teach us about name 0f month in calender n how much days in one month. its very difficult because we still thing interesting is my mother teach me at home when we asked for help to remember that things. so use our hand which is God gave to us to remember that. start at right n left hand, which the hill one will become 31 days and the valley is 30 day(feb is special). starting with January n finish with December like in photo.

if u not believe go n check in calender, the days is same with i showed to u. enjoy

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