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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

high class

i'm a bit frustrating n disappointing because someone said i insulted him. maybe i was say no for his invitation for his party. i'm not meant that n i just dont want hurt myself to see something i cant accept in my life. everyone hav their own goal, perception, and i respect everyone.

i just dont want join any group with the bullshit discussion, cruising and so on. i know its good for me to expose myself and get friend, even in business or even more. maybe i dont like that situation thats why it make me feel worst. i know its happen for me last time when everybody become crazy n get jealous. i will go that party if i hav partner at least i hav someone to talk because i dont like to get attention n i dont like to give attention, enough to attend the party and eat food.

i love to spend my time which is give benefit for me...although watching movie at home. its enough for me rather than spent much money at expensive restaurant just for talk because i'm good chef n so on. so i felt bad because i try to be myself not become high class guy. if i insulted everyone, i really sorry. i'm not meant to do that.....i just dont want people think i'm playboy or change my partner in kl much, because we can't stop people be carefule what u didt thats why i just wanna be low profile in everything. simple, work hard, honest and professional..

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