There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Sunday, October 11, 2009

friend, love and job

day after day.....i'm growth up fast....thinking, mind, heart,body n i realize many thing changed nowdays. the economy going ok n the life become better. so many thing need to catch up even myself too. i always tried to be positive, make myself busy, went gym, eat much as i can, listen music but the real is if that prblm is meant to u...u cant never forget although for second.

we always tried hard plan our life to be smoothly, save relationship in friendship or lover.but sometime we got fed up with everything around us. in my mind...i wish i can say "can we stop contact each other start today?" or " can u leave me alone n let me go?". its only way to make myself free.n then both of us will never complaint " i dont hav to say anything anymore".

i always gave chance to myself to accept what ever come to me choice. many people say.... u must go through all this things although its hard. another person say...they only use u when they need long you can wait, something never happen again. yeah i realize...all of this just a dream.

its like create a poem or create beautiful song........ how to express our feeling, people will read n remember it...but slowly people will forget. i'm still can smile, but inside me nobody know. i know i'm going fast n sometime turning back at same point. thats human....i'm not robot. anyway i motivate myself to be strong....but i dont know when. the real is when my heart say leave all this behind....i will do n never taking back my word.i meant that.

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