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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

colour creation in life

last night i went out with friend n company him at skybar kl. its was nice view although we r bit late to go there. look at view from that hotel really nice....colourful with light, landscape in garden..i was thinking about many people in kl with 1001 prblm.

i found this mural n its look very nice. colour of creation.just took photo n gave to me idea to painting back my house. sometime i think...everything happen to me always hav something benefit for me. yeah..when i hav prblm..i always tell god..n asking for help. so last night i got idea for colour back my house.

its lovely colour n wish everyone love the colour i choose later. at office today..everything ok..just waiting salary for end of month. very late for this month. out of budget this month. hehehe. anyway love to spent time to do something good next time.

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