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Sunday, October 25, 2009

the cloud moving.....the sunlight is bright

sometime its very hard when we need to face "up and down" many thing in life, but its challenge u to become mature person and help u solve any prblm at future. sometime we need a bit selfish for our self n others too. that's happen to me for last week. ooh its hard time..but i'm quick decided a big decision for me and my future. just be brave n confident every prblm will settle one by one.

talking about moving out from old house, finally i decided wanna stay here n will never move to another house. i challenge myself to renovate this house like a task for me as assistant architect. thats good!!!.... so who wanna go out from this worst house, i think he is a coward. anywhere u let a room, its still cost u about money. even if u let a room with great facilities like swimming pool, gym, sauna and so on, how much u will go there or using that's facilities in one month? i'm sure people stay there, went one or twice per year. so i think i wanna do something for myself. because from my experience...many people went to real gymnasium like celebrity fitness or fitness 1st or others although they stay at condo or apartment because its different environment. if u not believe, go and try.

so its make me confident to stay here. i know its will cost me half of my salary, but i wanna take it as my task. another reason is i think in my house only me take care of this house. maybe i should not write here but those read about this especially my housemate..... think about that.

honestly only me took all garbage at kitchen every weekend and throw at main dustbin at ground floor area. sometime 6 plastic bag for 3 week at kitchen n nobody wanna throw to main dustbin. n only me bought the black garbage bag when its finish. when i asked people..why all of u not help to throw that 6 garbage...everyone said they hav thier own garbage....i really dont who put garbage at kitchen dustbin? i dont like to ask stupid question if everybody lazy,shy and not responsible about that. i know sometime i'm busy...but as housemate..everyone should responsible about that.

actually a lot thing i did in this house, clean the room, toilet, balcony, living room by myself. so thats why i decide wanna stay here, let them out...finally i got smile. 2 days ago i sleep 12 hours with good sleep. last nite i also sleep 12 hour....i'm more relax now. if someone asked me about moving, i just said..." if u wanna get out...just get out..i'm happy n wanna stay here". thanks to John and Tj. i more confident now to decide for myself. time to growth up i think. n today i got good roommate dont want move to new house because i cleaned my room more nice. its not a trick..but i wanna show them every single thing maybe look bad, but if all of u take care of it...its will become worthy.

n now i cant patient to look people wanna move out is leaving the house. hahaha i'm devil now. i will make more provoke to let them get lost. i believe if we do good thing, the God will show the good path. let them go out n see the real thing about market of rent house, condition, environment, cost of living...then they will become more thinking. Thanks God because helping me. also friend which is give me advise.

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