There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Sunday, October 4, 2009

a bit stress todaay

this week very hectic week for me.very busy with urgent proposal and thinking of myself too. i know i'm not update my blog since last week, too much work need catch up and also myself too. after finished visit open house, i can feel more relax now but still stress with my personal prblm. i know not all our day is happy..i'm tired sometime to smile or pretend to smile in every but from my deep heart i try to hide my small prblm because i know i'm give up to find, i'm tired to solve it even no choice to face it.

even if i share it with someone, its not solve it n people cant help me too maybe i make the small prblm become more complicated. maybe i count the day to continue this life for something more meaning, more adventure, more spiritual n lovely. i dont what can i write here. i lost mind today when i wake up. its hard for me to achieve what i want. my friend said " ariff, u should happy what u hav than nothing" yeah i know...thats sentences always play in my mind until i said... "oklah, its oklah, (can-lah)bolehlah but sometime its frustrating me. i'm not a person give up 1st b4 try. but when i try hard or medium hard...i got nothing. yeah again better try than nothing. hmmm... hope can turn the time back behind. hope can feel better soon.

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