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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

bargain n birthday

today..very busy day because have submission project on friday. he info already 80% in power point..only need touch up and make nicer. so this month really good month. a lot of open house and this week also hav open house in office. today is more special for use because today is my big boss birthday, so save money again. my company bought kfc n secret recipe. wowowo..i love it. no more diet. heheh.just spent time doing office work and after office hour, company my friend to buy some armani clothes at chinatown. i got help him to buy 3 tie and 2 office clothes with RM200. hope not too bad. anyway jealous saw him shopping. i dont hav money to buy there.

after arrived at home...i hav big monitor computer hav big prblm...n need to buy new monitor. lucky borrow friend's monitor. anyways hav nice day today..but still missing many friend at outside. i miss all of u

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