There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Friday, October 30, 2009

feeling down sometime

tonight again..i cant sleep. i know since last week i'm addicted to sleep 12 hour in one day...because i love to spent more time in my another world "dream". i feel more relax n enjoy. honestly started last weekend...all my time is sleep...just dont want think much about this real world....i dot want count the day....the day getting salary...the day beyond the life..the day without money, the day with many prblm n interesting.....the day is nice or not for me.

not all my dream is nice...most the time scary me. my bad feeling its become worst when my housemate say something really hurting me.i know...i should not listen whatever people say, but sometime its the truth. we need accept the thing happen in our life. i need to consistence with my word, but when he talking about another issue...i feel down.

hmmm should i write here? i'm worry...... people will think i only need sympathy.....but the truth is i dont hav any friend to share it. only this medium..i can let it go whats kill me in my heart. 2 day ago, i proposed to my friend to make laminated wood flooring n i dont want use the rubber plastic floor because its look dirty after long time. i know its expensive.but its good for house,look more nice, clean, arrangeable n exclusive.but my housemate say.. "ariff, u always dreaming.what u said b4 until now u dont get anything".i just keep quite my mouth because i dont want say something more conflict.

yeah i swear....i wanna make driving lisence....n hav own car...but i'm not afford it until now. a few year ago, i also say wanna go to middle east for work, until now.....still nothing. its happen when, that person just not confirm to help me. last time i'm nearly to move another house....also never happen. only me know the reason..... but people easy to say something they never know. its remind me the bad thing happen in my life.i also went to steward interview.........

yeah i got notting...... just a piece of heart n smile...but i just borrowed from God. anytime will take back. n tonight, another my housemate bought new hp, got hondo civic second hand.... hmmmm. i know i need start saving.....but every month always something happen..for monitor computer is broken n i need to buy new one. arghhhh. thats why i need something i cant write here. its hard to say n i only wanna look beyond. this year will be end soon...... what i''m target for this year... still nothing. i'm thankful because i just started working back.

sometime i feel i'm useless guy. i dont know. i lost focus nowdays for myself. my work is fine. i know the reason...but what to do..thats life.i hate that, i try help myself but i cant. just feeling sad anyway....

better in time

actually..... long time i took time to put my favourite song in my blog, because everything happen to me..always related with myself. i dont know..what i should explain here..but i love this song for long time meaning for me only wish everything will be heal in time soon. on the way to hometown with elly for hari raya, she play this song in her car. so i love more for this song.its hard right when still single without close friend or lover.people only love us when they far from us....but when they stand front of us....all change...why not use the time or chance we hav for something nice n make it as memory?. i love the sentence inside the song " its all get better in time". i wish n hope too.

It's been the longest winter without you
I didn't know where to turn to
See somehow I can't forget you
After all that we've been through

Going coming thought I heard a knock
Who's there no one
Thinking that I deserve it
Now I realise that I really didn't know
If you didn't notice you mean everything
Quickly I'm learning to love again
All I know is I'm gon' be ok

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

I couldn't turn on the TV
Without something there to remaind me
Was it all that easy
To just put aside your feelings

If I'm dreaming don't wanna laugh
Hurt my feelings but that's the path
I believe in
And I know that time will heal it
If you didn't notice boy you meant everything
Quickly I'm learning to love again
All I know is I'm gon' be ok

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

Since there's no more you and me
It's time I let you go
So I can be free
And live my life how it should be
No matter how hard it is I'll be fine without you
Yes I will

[Chorus: X2]
Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

monogamous, polygami,, open relationship, which one the best?

everyday i listened hotfm radio on the way to office in train. the hot topic for this week is polygamy issue among malaysian. i know its hottest issue to everyone including my family n me too. b4 i write more about that, i really sorry to everyone if what i write here really bad or not follow islamic way..but when we think about humanity or human right, we will never do mistake at future. i'm not say polygamy is bad way to choose..but we take another people an example n be patient..

last week in the radio, one women really frustrated when her husband wanna marriage another women and make hot call at the radio for her. although he try to do joke but the real thing is he wanna marriage another women. i know its hard for everyone to share his/her love with anyone. its happen to my mother...when my father marriage another women...i know she suffer her life for 9 kids. if my father thinking my mother not tight anymore.... why he make baby until 9?if he hav another reason n say he enough to give money for our family..but why my mother still working for our family? so i wanna ask to every single man in this world...r u really ready for everything? money, sex, responsibility, love to share with wife, kids, family n islam?

if all of u said..i MUSt marriage another about ur salat? pray? fasting? zakat? nafkah? can all man think about that b4 marriage another women?. maybe this point a bit crazy...but if this point can make all man open their eyes..i think its good for them to think more about thier decision. if man can marriage another women without reason...why not the 1st wife said to their husband..." if u want marriage another women..let me marriage another man...we will many man can fuck me in one night...n i wanna much u can fuck ur new wife?" i'm sure one man can hav sex many time in one night n i think women can hav many man in one night. so to all man....think many time b4 u decide for urself.

i'm not say my father is bad father...i love him very much more than everything n i salute n respect him because he can facing this kind of life. for me i'm not so strong like him. sometime i will feel down when hav prblm.

thats why if u listen Rossa song " hey ladies"...u will understand..what i mean here.

"hey ladies..dont ever say weak, we also can cheating n make another love, when woman do it..the world will damage"

deeply i wanna say i'm not perfect muslim but in Islam all thing very easy in why not every prblm must hav discussion n tolerant. i'm sure this topic will never damage our community. i respect to everyone. i respect their decision...just give my opinion.i will agree if hav strong reason.peace to everyone.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

colour creation in life

last night i went out with friend n company him at skybar kl. its was nice view although we r bit late to go there. look at view from that hotel really nice....colourful with light, landscape in garden..i was thinking about many people in kl with 1001 prblm.

i found this mural n its look very nice. colour of creation.just took photo n gave to me idea to painting back my house. sometime i think...everything happen to me always hav something benefit for me. yeah..when i hav prblm..i always tell god..n asking for help. so last night i got idea for colour back my house.

its lovely colour n wish everyone love the colour i choose later. at office today..everything ok..just waiting salary for end of month. very late for this month. out of budget this month. hehehe. anyway love to spent time to do something good next time.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

gotcha hit 6500

now my blog reach to hit 6500. thanks all my friend..visit my blog and share everything in my life. will write something interesting later. love all u

Monday, October 26, 2009

interesting day

last night....its hard for me to sleep. i slept around 12am but wake up around 2am....n only cn sleep around 6am. so i use my time to watch 3 movie..... setem (local film)... sanctuary (tv series) and angel and demons.its nice film and make me remember my best friend luigi at italy. i love him n always thinking of him. pity he passed away n left me a great memory. i try to sleep around 6am n wake up around 8am n ready to go office.

i dont know..i really feel happy today..healthy, smiling, enjoy, fun..maybe i called my best friend last night. yeah.....i miss him a lot. lol. so just wake up n ready to office.....on the way to office, i'm got big smile today because i saw one couple in car gave kissing each other for his gf..n when i wanna cross the road.. another couple of Chinese also give kisss... ohh i love that.wish i can hav lover n got a kiss b4 i go to

then i was walking with big smiling...then one old guy smiling at me n asking for donation...heheh yeah i'm happy today...maybe the old guy is lucky i gave him some money. at office.....everything is fine..only work hard to finish work. so overall is good today....but very tired..need to replace mysleep. i love u all. sweet dream

Sunday, October 25, 2009

22 by lily allen...but i will become 25 soon

i love the lyric, just simple, relax, fun. but i always wish i will get something more better what i hav now.just remind or warning myself..about 10 years at future. what happen to me if i'm not take care what i did now. my boss said..i want all design team must design beyond from human we must plan our life 1o years forward. hopefully i will become a good guy n always happy.

22 by Lily Allen

When she was 22 the future looked bright
But she's nearly 30 now and she's out every night
I see that look in her face she's got that look in her eye
She's thinking how did I get here and wondering why

It's sad but it's true how society says
Her life is already over
There's nothing to do and there's nothing to say
Til the man of her dreams comes along picks her up and puts her over his shoulder
It seems so unlikely in this day and age

She's got an alright job but it's not a career
Wherever she thinks about it, it brings her to tears
Cause all she wants is a boyfriend
She gets one-night stands
She's thinking how did I get here
I'm doing all that I can

It's sad but it's true how society says
Her life is already over
There's nothing to do and there's nothing to say
Til the man of her dreams comes along picks her up and puts her over his shoulder
It seems so unlikely in this day and age

It's sad but it's true how society says
Her life is already over
There's nothing to do and there's nothing to say
Til the man of her dreams comes along picks her up and puts her over his shoulder
It seems so unlikely in this day and a

any opinion for new short hair cut?

now my hair a bit longer, so until now i'm still looking..which style suitable for me. all look nice. hope not bald again. wish my hair more much than now. heheh but i love short hair..easy to take care n comfortable.

i hav good website to share but dont know its good style or not. if anyone hav opinion, just left a comment here. hav look the website...good to sharing

who is perfect? none.... we all have defects!!!

today i opened new youtube...see nice trailer....i love that trailer because the person inside the trailer very confident...nice word n i love that word above. nobody is perfect, same like me...just down to earth person.

talking about myself...many people confusing with my originality. last night i took taxi and the taxi driver asking me r u local? i said of course i'm malaysian from terengganu. lol we talk a lot in car, about my life, work and so on. when i'm arrived at home, he said..thanks you sir, u r nice guy, keep doing what u did now..go gym, do photographer n work smart at office. hehhe the taxi driver nice too. actually many taxi driver keep asking me if i'm malaysian or not. anyways i'm pure malay.

some people i'm look like maori people from australia / new zealand..or samoa people from pacific island, fiji or latin. hahha i'm big smiling. anyways all this people are sometime we r look the same. so i'm proud to be malay guy. just a big joke for weekend.sorry the photo a bit strange because i use my phone n some photo look not good because my monitor broken..just borrow friend's monitor. need to buy new monitor after get salary for this month. hehehe lol

the cloud moving.....the sunlight is bright

sometime its very hard when we need to face "up and down" many thing in life, but its challenge u to become mature person and help u solve any prblm at future. sometime we need a bit selfish for our self n others too. that's happen to me for last week. ooh its hard time..but i'm quick decided a big decision for me and my future. just be brave n confident every prblm will settle one by one.

talking about moving out from old house, finally i decided wanna stay here n will never move to another house. i challenge myself to renovate this house like a task for me as assistant architect. thats good!!!.... so who wanna go out from this worst house, i think he is a coward. anywhere u let a room, its still cost u about money. even if u let a room with great facilities like swimming pool, gym, sauna and so on, how much u will go there or using that's facilities in one month? i'm sure people stay there, went one or twice per year. so i think i wanna do something for myself. because from my experience...many people went to real gymnasium like celebrity fitness or fitness 1st or others although they stay at condo or apartment because its different environment. if u not believe, go and try.

so its make me confident to stay here. i know its will cost me half of my salary, but i wanna take it as my task. another reason is i think in my house only me take care of this house. maybe i should not write here but those read about this especially my housemate..... think about that.

honestly only me took all garbage at kitchen every weekend and throw at main dustbin at ground floor area. sometime 6 plastic bag for 3 week at kitchen n nobody wanna throw to main dustbin. n only me bought the black garbage bag when its finish. when i asked people..why all of u not help to throw that 6 garbage...everyone said they hav thier own garbage....i really dont who put garbage at kitchen dustbin? i dont like to ask stupid question if everybody lazy,shy and not responsible about that. i know sometime i'm busy...but as housemate..everyone should responsible about that.

actually a lot thing i did in this house, clean the room, toilet, balcony, living room by myself. so thats why i decide wanna stay here, let them out...finally i got smile. 2 days ago i sleep 12 hours with good sleep. last nite i also sleep 12 hour....i'm more relax now. if someone asked me about moving, i just said..." if u wanna get out...just get out..i'm happy n wanna stay here". thanks to John and Tj. i more confident now to decide for myself. time to growth up i think. n today i got good roommate dont want move to new house because i cleaned my room more nice. its not a trick..but i wanna show them every single thing maybe look bad, but if all of u take care of it...its will become worthy.

n now i cant patient to look people wanna move out is leaving the house. hahaha i'm devil now. i will make more provoke to let them get lost. i believe if we do good thing, the God will show the good path. let them go out n see the real thing about market of rent house, condition, environment, cost of living...then they will become more thinking. Thanks God because helping me. also friend which is give me advise.

Friday, October 23, 2009

hope this gloomy cloudy time will end soon

i felt exhausted today...... i woke up today and cry a bit in front my roommate. i cant hide my feeling i let it go to make me feel better. at office, i'm tired.... very smart n finished work n now just surf internet and find some images for another project. pls God....... i dont want think about this prblm anymore. arghhhhh.

bad day

in office, i'm a bit relax because some work already done, just waiting 3d images from 3d maker give us the photo later n put in the report.i'm working on mix development at sungai besi, kl. again company a friend buy belt at chinatown and hav good dinner too. on the way to home...i walked at street, but i hav bad breathe...feel sick inside in heart. i dont know why. i thought i hav good day today.....i already fell lonely when walking to home. after i changed my clothes..i just sit in front computer n checking email. suddenly i feel so so lonely..... in deep heart. nobody at home..empty. usually my housemate open the music..laughing and talking. but tonight its was empty. i wanna call my friend to ask them back home faster because i hate this feeling.

after 30 minute, they back home.... n they inform me..they hav dinner together and hav meeting to change to new house after 3 of us decided to move out. i really shocked, surprised too. i'm sad in my heart.i know this thing will happen...n try to not think about that. n try to not change..but time moving..people hav thier own life. i love all my housemate...even they very kind n good to me. i'm crying.

n now....they decide to move one place a bit far from kl...n a bit far from my office. i know its was my mistake because i dont hav driving license even car...... only choice i hav is not follow them n find new room to rent. but i afraid to stay away from them....... many reason i cant follow them because my personal prblm. life n so on. i cant tell this..hope all of u will understand. i'm sad n crying...n also cant sleep too. this really bad..i only hav 3 week b4 i become permanent staff. i know if i move to new office..its hard for me. i'm got chemistry wit my office now. i dont want jobless again. i dont want stay in this life without money. i felt that and its very hard. thats why i'm sad because i dont want look at behind again.....i hav bad life for a short time...i dont want turn back.

i dont know what to say.... life without internet.... i'm sorry to say this because my personal prblm related with the whole of my life. i afraid to be alone, thats why last time i was dream trapped in lift alone..i'm drowning, dark alone......its really scary. i dont know..with who i should share. i'm too sad....... nowdays seems everyone busy with thier works, even me too....maybe end of year. i planned many thing b4...but now all changed. no word to say. what i can say is...i hate this feeling.i cat sleep at all.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

bargain n birthday

today..very busy day because have submission project on friday. he info already 80% in power point..only need touch up and make nicer. so this month really good month. a lot of open house and this week also hav open house in office. today is more special for use because today is my big boss birthday, so save money again. my company bought kfc n secret recipe. wowowo..i love it. no more diet. heheh.just spent time doing office work and after office hour, company my friend to buy some armani clothes at chinatown. i got help him to buy 3 tie and 2 office clothes with RM200. hope not too bad. anyway jealous saw him shopping. i dont hav money to buy there.

after arrived at home...i hav big monitor computer hav big prblm...n need to buy new monitor. lucky borrow friend's monitor. anyways hav nice day today..but still missing many friend at outside. i miss all of u

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

renovate room or moved to new house

recently some of my housemate finished study at university, after a month jobless, they got new job. one of them will moved from our house to johor bahru n training at singapore. so another 2 guy will also go out from our house soon. so only 4 person in my house now. with the house in not good condition..but located very strategic area...its hard for us to stay only 4 person. honestly the cost living in kl very high n sometime we only got small salary. so only 2 choice can we do is...renovate house n promote another people to come in or everyone moved to others house. now i'm a bit worry.......where i should find new room?.

although my roommate said..time to clean house, n renovate...but its hard to get new person to rent room with house in bad condition. 2 my close friend got car include my roommate....i'm sure soon they will find new house or room n leaving me.not to day..but maybe next month or next year. its will happen. i know its time for we separate n find new house n life......but its not easy to get house with internet n close to restaurant, public transport with average price. feeling bad now....

hmmmm...we stay in this house close 5 years..i respect my roommate because he never busy body with my personal things. i can open any website i want.....even when i hav problem..he is good listener sometime. other guy very good in download any movie from internet. i must hav decision soon. got headache n bad feeling.what should i do?

pro n contra

today.....a bit busy with work at office...but i'm happy got sms from my friend at texas, houston. yeah long time not meet n talk. doing urgent work n need to rush. helped my architect when i arrived at office because he got meeting on 11am. i also bring nata de coco because my office make open house called " pot luck". its like everyone bring food, n put at office. i just bought nata de time to cook because nothing at kitchen.

so no more stomach fully with food because they bring satay, pizza, chicken pie, n chocolate cake. hahaha need to go gym later.then continue work n rushing to finish work because around 6pm hav office meeting. so finished around 8pm. going home...feel sms from my mother said...UMNO party gave me money at hometown.i supposed back to hometown and attend UMNO assembly n listen lecture and get money on monday. i refused not go there because i love my holiday. will not take off day day easily. so after got news got money RM200, i just called my mom and gave to her. i know..i hurted my mother because she want me back home to take money...but i hav busy week n tired... anyways with my gift..hope she happy. so thats my day for today...a lot of pro n contra.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

lazy day is my lazy day. just stay at home....lazy to take shower, lazy to eat, lazy doing work, lazy clean t shirt..alll lazy..just lay down on floor watch movie...feeling bad because nothing to i can continue my life like this? miss someone far from my place..... thinking of my work to face work day tomorrow? all same.....i dont know what i should waiting for...quantity or quality. arghhhhhh

i always thinking at another side of my life.....why the God gave me lazy day today?want me feel lonely n change? or just be rest n relax? or make me more upset? i'm waiting , waiting n waiting...nothing happen. i know i should try to find it..but when try nothing. arghhhh. i wish something good happen.... i want LOVE, good friend, close n belong to me.i hope too.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

msn email...clean up n delete

just finished pray n read al quran..still feel i just clean my email....old email...many hot n sexy photo. many forward email. this poem really of my friend sent o me via to share.....

If one day u feel like crying, call me.
I don’t promise that i will make u laugh,
but i can cry with u.

If one day u want to run away..
don’t be afraid to call me.
I don’t promise to ask u to stop,
but i can run with u.

If one day u don’t want to listen to anyone, call me.
I promise to be there for u.
I promise to be very quiet.

But one day if u call and there is no answer,
come fast to see me.
Perhaps I need you.

creative idea....from email

creative but make me more hungry

very bored at home

i'm starting getting bored at home. wake up early, went gym, clean house..all i done. i dont like this feel plus rainy outside. i want another step in my prblm. i know office prblm still in my mind although its not for me.....but i'm concern about other friends too n that project. what i should do? housemate? everyone hav thier own gf...going back home...go to about me?

cinema? what can i do after cinema? chat? after chat? read book? after read book? same thing in life. most my friend not in kl...thats the prblm. i know i should start find new friend..... look around..... hmmm its hard to find good people in this life. called my bad sister lost her baby ..pregnant for 5 week. she save.

what i need to do next........? i dont know. when we dont hav job...we worried to be useless person, but when we hav job...many prblm at office n client tooo. also in relationship.....when become single...always feel lonely...but when attached...getting bored with that person. thats life...why not everyday is honey moon day? people travel around...see many people....thats of my friend is lecture n give talk at university...last week at italy, spain, london, n this week mumbai india......i'm still sit down in kl.

midvalley, klcc, kl tower, pwtc, train and gym....arghhhhhhhh. hehehehe.... thats me when getting bored...become horrible. anyway pls anyone wanna company me or doing activity?

i got feeling........

thanks for my friend because he makes me big laughing yesterday. its good for as per request...this my latest photo...just took half an hour ago.still messy because the hair still short.hope still look sexy n getting old la. this weekend...i planned to take some photo in city but seems i hav prblm with my leg..... we will see soon . maybe will go to gym this morning because yesterday i'm busy at office.

why not go cinema right?hmmm... hope the movie not so bad..worry choose wrong movie. anyway....need to hav fresh mind b4 next week..many work to do.many drama again soon.

"i wanna touch u, u wanna touch me too"- the AMERICAN rejects

yesterday is very dramatic day because everyone got pressure n stress from work.but i'm cool n relax maybe i went to gym not much pressure. actually its happen because someone got pressure with other project but he still can't absorb the pressure. so i dont want involve myself in any party, i did my work and done it. although i finished my work early today around 6pm but as working team work, i need to spend time with other staff. but the prblm is when i start helped them..they going slow..its like i did their job..its strange actually.

sometime i think they only wanna play "game" in office...its like nothing to do at office hour and acting like busy at end of office hour and extend to overtime. come on....every one hav thier own life..thats make me sick in office life. politiking, pressure, attitude and so on. although most of them r marriage..why not work hard at office hour and sharp 6pm, all of u can spend time with ur own family.hav sex with wife or husband, go out with kids, dinner with friend. thats lack of thier life. i'm not shy to say that...because its truth. although i'm still single, i always want spend my time with someone after office hour, talking, run from my world. its good to refresh mind.. but pity i dont anyone to talk....thats why i create activity like went gym.

right now....i dont care people prblm anymore.....i just wanna be freedom in any friend, work smart, hav creative idea.....n work hard. so..back from office around 11pm...i just sleep on nice sleep when u really tired.

Friday, October 16, 2009

wake up early

cannot sleep well tonight because too cold in kl..... normally my routine is drink honey every morning. today a bit special because i feel my skin injured because of the exercise at gym so boiled 2 egg, eat tomato, 2 slice bread. hmmm yeah need to work out n be fit again . not to be muscle. if i got muscle its a bonus for me.

actually when i celebrate eidul fitri with my family, we create diet club because everyone gain diet... hahaha my mother always cooked delicious food. so we play games like........ if we assembly next year...n see how much reduce the weight...that person will get the money. we put rm30 per person. 8 people agreed to join that games

1. my mother = 95kg
2. my 1st sister = 95kg
3. my 2nd sister= 93kg
4. me= 93kg (now 89kg)
5. my 3rd brother = 105kg
6. my 4th sister = 75kg
7. my 5th sister = <70kg
8. my 6th sister = <100kg

so i must reduce more weight. i know its not hard games..but if we not play n do this games... everyone will gain more weight. i create this games after many of them complaint because our mother cooked delicious food when we at hometown.we enjoyed that cook actually.

sleep late

cannot sleep tonight.......same with my others housemate..which is working in architect we talk about about their of my friend told us about his new staff at office. that's guy working at Kazakhstan many funny thing story about Kazakhstan. i think i dont need tell here because everyone know about Kazakhstan...anyway try to sleep soon.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

you belong to me....... is very busy day.....onthe way to office, my architect already sms me need my help. yeah i'm smart guy and always work fast n do what he want. so today i'm working smart to help my architect. he thanks me many time because i helped him. yeah in teamwork.......i think we need help each other. that's really make me appreciate him. in my experience working b4...not easy to get thanks word from architect...but he really humble person...but sometime i dont like him...because he bit bossy. lol. anyways only me helped him a lot in design n he comfortable discuss with me because others staff seems not serious to do work..what to do...need work smart too.not so smart but need to plan my time for work, gym, and life too

just finished my work at office n run to home because need to go gym....need to do exercise n forget everything make me i'm at home, sleepy but wanna update photo. anyway dont take photo nowdays...because i look horrible because my hair on head start growth..need time to put gel or bold it again. hehhe.anyways i'm happy for this week. love to meet all my friend.sometime i really miss them.sweet day n dream.always smile ok

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

photo by phone

long time i'm not take photo by my phone. when i checked my memory card in my phone...i saw this its remind me about my life b4 without slr camera. i love taking photo by slr too. i think taking photo by phone more challenge. any where i'm in process to reduce my weight, hav better life, happy n be positive. hehehe i'm in middle of way in my life...hope everything going ok soon.

comel n audry...i miss them

i'm sure my friend will mad me if i publish this photo, but i really miss comel and audry. comel is very friendly cat and audry a bit quite and only come to me when i'm alone. especially at living room. she want space between me. hahaha......but the bad thing is comel always come n break our date....because comel need more attention....i love both because they very friendly with me. never mad .hahaa comel also a lady. hmmmm i want hug n touch both of u........

listened and saw by heart

all work done early today, so i hav chance to gym again. in the train i listen hotfm radio, the famous radio in malaysia. one girl called that radio and say her life today not so hot because someone mad her because she not go to school because today is last day for secondary school at malaysia. then i was dream...what happen at the last day when i study at primary school and secondary school. i hate that day actually. the reason is

1. i will getting old
2. my popular teacher will not teach me anymore and unpopular will teach us...with serious...always afraid in class
3. always change new class, so need clean class again
4. every new semester, teacher always start to choose new leader in class...i always hide myself because i dont wanna be class rap.
5. my best pot to see people will i hate that
6. of course i will my classmate, teach at school because school break too long, i hate feel lonely. dont mind if hav class long as i hav something to do

after i arrived at masjid jamek station to change another train, i saw one couple really touching me. i know they r still student and teenager, but i can see that girl's face really sad because i'm sure today is last day for school. so she will break to meet her bf ...i thought. so that guy was touched her head n make her calm down..... so touching. both of them still with school t shirt... yeah lovely couple...i always hope i hav partner too. hmmmm lol

hmmm...we always laughing in office

everyday is like boring day at office because everyone hav alot of work to do. come to office at morning, sleepy, hungry, rushing is our routine. but close to guy in our office open dangdut song and singing loudly in office. he a bit girlish. hhahaha anyways at least entertainment with something crazy n funny. i always laughing and smiling at my work place from far because everything what he did always make us laughing. especially sexy dangdut song. very naughty and "sexual thing". will go home again later n gym soon. to forget what ever prblm in myself. love it n enjoy.

cengkerang house

today a bit free, so checking email and found interesting email to share. about shell house at india. love the glass and interior. wow so nice. until now still dream to hav my own room. will deco n i will choose light colour in my room.