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Monday, September 14, 2009

great time with mate

another time to gathering for us in Ramadan time. since we study at university, we always spent time together. like a routine or must for us. maybe we close each other and dont hav another friend. we hav hard time in class, sharing prblm and happy together. after 2 years working and finished study at university , everyone become more mature, stylish, own car, hav gf and bf, someone still single, broken heart and so on. thats life. i always motivate myself after looking to all my friend with hope can move on my life. anyways this time, i'm happy to meet them, hav spent time b4 we leaving kl city to out hometown soon for idulfitri. will missing friend in kl and friend in internet too. not available to chat for 2 week.

from left, rina, elly n usop

from left, usop, elin, sap

from left sap, huda, namie

afifah with her new bf

rina and me

my university mate gathering for break fasting at seoul garden

rina n me again


ikhwan with his gf aness

ikhwan and me

chopstick n chicken

time to eat

lovely food

yummy yummy yummy

ice cream for desert

ikhwan, me n rina

afifah and me

heheh funny shot...i dont know what happen

after finished the food


with friend

lovely time n food

finally..time to go... finished

one more memory in our life

hehehe lovely time

hehehee..just fool around

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