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Monday, September 28, 2009

cool,funny n fun song.......FUCK YOU by lily allen

i listened this song at my brother's laptop at hometown, when holiday ...i love the music....but the lyric really strange. i enjoyed it...hahaha. i'm sure this song will never play at malaysia's go and listen it


Anonymous said...

hey Ariff,

congratulations on your 6000 hit!

I love the Lily Allen song - its actually a very meaningful song - she basically is telling bad people how she feels about them. "Fuck you" may sound offensive is english but she is more offended by intolerant people.

Hope you are ok?

I go home next week - yippee!!!


ariff said...

hi patrick...thanks for the comment. i know u miss ur home and someone there. i'm glad u finished ur work at india. hope another job will go to u soon, i always pray to God...both of u will happy and smile like me here.

be strong and everything will go ok later. dont forget me at malaysia. wish we can meet again one day. malaysia always open hand to accept u here.

so dont be naughty n wild when u reach at home later. hahhaah (joke). anyways i love u and always thinking of u. be safe friend.